Village Kondolovo is located among the deciduous forests of Strandzha Mountain.

The typical Strandzha architecture from the middle of the XIX century. is preserved in the village.

The place is attractive for many Bulgarian productions.

In 1980, the Bulgarian film “Mr. for a Day” was shot at this place.

The church of St. George.

From the village begins a cognitive route “In the Kingdom of the periwinkle”.

It enters the valuable forest ecosystem with rich biodiversity.

Here are found eastern beech, eastern sessile oak, hornbeam, various species of linden.

The trail is full of thematic signs and places for recreation, wooden bridges, observation platform.

Among the herbaceous plants are the Caucasian primrose (Primula vulgaris sibthorpii), the cup-shaped bellflower (Hypericum calycinum), the Black Sea bucket (Fritillaria pontica), also called the Pontic bucket – endemic to Bulgaria and Turkey.

A variety of exquisite, wild orchids.

Variety of evergreen shrubs – Strandzha periwinkle, Strandzha mad tree, laurel, Strandzha blueberry, yew, kaluna and many others.

Strandzha periwinkle (Rhododendron ponticum) is extremely demanding to the soil and humidity. It is rich in alkaloids and is highly poisonous. It has been preserved on the territory of Europe only in Strandzha and the Caucasus. It is included in the Red Book of Bulgaria.