In the mountainous region of southeastern Bulgaria, at the western foot of Mount Twins is located village Varovnik.

In the past the village was called Tursko Alagyun – Milenovo. From 1878 to 1913 the border between Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire passed from here.

In the village of Varovnik there was once a school where children from the village of Bogdanovo came to study in the 19th century.

In 1882-1883 the writer Anton Strashimirov taught there, who in one of his essays called Varovik “my eagle’s nest in Strandzha”.

The church of the village:

Over the years, the number of inhabitants of the village is decreasing, and most of the houses look more and more like monuments.



In the village of Varovnik and the area around it there are three fountains, which were built by the 3rd labor company 1937-1938.

The area is suitable for tourist excursions.

It is full of wild orchids, ancient trees. Here, since 1960, the century-old walnut is considered a natural landmark in the village.