The Gergiiski Lakes (also known as the Georgian Lakes) are a group of five glacial lakes located in the Gergiiski Circus, west of Muratov Peak in the National Park Pirin.
Elevation: 2194 – 2392 m.

The total area of ​​the lakes is 73.7 acres. They are formed on a granite base. Three of them of considerable size and depth. They give rise to the Gergiytsa River, the left tributary of the Vlachina River.

In summer the water temperature reaches 12 ° C – 13 ° C. Mineralization is relatively weak.

In the waters of the lakes are found Balkan Trout. Fishing is forbidden.

The area around the Gergiiski Lakes is extremely beautiful. Glacial activity in the past has left extremely interesting forms in the rocks whose reflections in the water are captivating.

Saturated in dark green colors mountain bushes stand out among the lighter majestic ridges.

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