When the children visiting their favorite school “Hristo Botev” in Chernomorets, they enjoy illustrations depicting moments of Bulgarian history. The main facade illustrates great Bulgarians such as Hristo Botev, Ivan Vazov, Raina Knyaginya, Chernorizets Hrabar, Khan Omurtag. Also depicted is King Kaloyan and the Battle of Odrin.

The wonderful initiative started years ago by Stepan Sarkisian and Kremena Kostadinova (a former graduate of the school).

In the beginning, they paint the main facade of the building. Their wonderful ideas continue and soon, they paint the sidewall of the school.

Their idea is to encourage children to read in order to develop their imagination.

Stepan says:

“The Elf illustrates that when we use our imagination and encourage it by reading good books, we can easily transform ourselves into characters drawn into some fabulous adventures, even when we are in quite ordinary and mundane situations.”

Stepan creates very interesting illustrations and cartoons that you can see on his facebook page.

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