In Bulgarian village Levka, located in the southern branches of the Sakar mountain, there is a Center for environmental protection activities of “Green Balkans” – an emblematic place related to the efforts of environmentalists for the return of the extinct species of Bulgaria.

The center is located in a former agricultural building at the beginning of the village of Levka, located in the protected area “Sakar”, part of the ecological network NATURA 2000. It was built in 2012, with its main goal being the restoration of the white-spined kestrel in Bulgaria.

In the building of the center there is a formal museum collection and a place for lectures and film viewing.

The center is open for visits and offers its visitors free of charge:

• Observation of white-billed kestrels and other rare birds from the area;
• Presentation of artificial nests, models of white-billed kestrels and their eggs;
• Thematic talks on biodiversity and clips on nature protection topics;
• Video surveillance of the colony of white-spined kestrels;
• Information materials and souvenirs;
• Organization of extracurricular classes for students on environmental topics;
• Educational activities with children and youth, work with volunteers and interns;
• Training for working with specialized equipment.

Thanks to Stoyan Yordanov, for the invitation to visit the center!