The Arcutino Swamp, also called the Bear Swamp, is located on the territory of the “Ropotamo” reserve. It is located 2.5 km northwest of the mouth of the river.

Bear Swamp is a marsh-lagoon and is part of the Ropotamo Reserve. A 540 m wide beach with dunes separates it from the sea.

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The area of ​​the marsh is 62.2 ha. Its depth is 0.5 meters. The bottom is muddy and the water is quite sweet.

The swamp is small, with an area of ​​62.2 ha and is oval in shape.

Its length is about 250 m, and its width – 150 m.

Part of the Arcutino Swamp area has been discovered. Another part of the marsh is covered with dense aquatic and swamp vegetation. There are various types of duckweed, marsh snowdrop, hedgehog head, toadstool, rustling, etc.

Here is one of the richest deposits of white and yellow water rose in Bulgaria.

The coastal areas are covered with masses of reeds mixed with broad-leaved papur.

The marsh is home to the rare pygmy gambusia fish. The Arcutino Marsh is a major stopover for birds on the Via Pontica flyway.

Many rare species of birds such as heron, mute swan, owl nest here.

Arcutino Swamp was declared a reserve in 1940.