On the southern Black Sea coast, about 66 km from the Burgas city, at the foot of Strandzha mountain, is the Bulgarian town Tsarevo.

Tsarevo is a unique combination of sea, mountains, rivers and exotic nature, intertwined with the traditions of Strandzha culture and customs.

It is located on three small peninsulas, between four bays.

The coastline of the Black Sea town is highly indented, characterized by rocky peninsulas with picturesque beaches.

South of the town Tsarevo, at 502 m above sea level is Papiya peak.

The city is characterized by great traditions in shipbuilding. It is an old shipbuilding center and has a developed port.

Fishing is the industry with the oldest history in Tsarevo.

Logging and woodworking are other industries typical of the city.

The church “St. Tsar Boris Mikhail ”

In place of the present church, there was another temple in the past. It was built in 1831 and its modern appearance dates from 1895.

Part of the icons in the church “St. Tsar Boris Mikhail ”, date from the end of the 18th century.

Municipality Tsarevo

Community center Georgi Kondolov

Tsarevo is famous for its rich cultural program. Every year, the municipality hosts art festivals, Sea Week, national and international folklore festivals, and in August, traditionally, the festival of manna honey is held.