Built at the entrance of a natural cave, the Holy Trinity Chapel is dug into the ground on the site of an ancient Thracian sanctuary.

The chapel is located about 5 km from the village of Gramatikovo, on the road to the village of Vizitsa, in the area of ​​Kotvinite.

It is made of cut limestone. In its current form it was built in 1874.

Inside the chapel there is a stone staircase leading down to the cave.

The walls and ceiling of the Holy Trinity Chapel are sprinkled with clear water, which flows on the floor and forms puddles. People believes that this water is sacred and healing and that it is a holy spring and has healing properties. According to tradition, everyone who descends into the cave comes out of it cleansed of their sins.

The carved stone steps lead to two branches in the Holy Trinity Chapel. At the bottom of the cave there is an old icon around which believers light candles.

The transition to the Holy Trinity Chapel is picturesque and pleasant. Near it there is a monumental tree made of Strandzha oak.