At the foot of Strandzha Mountain, located between two dams and a river is the attractive Bulgarian village Velika.

It is only 4 km from the Black Sea, where the mountains and the sea combine their fairytale.

In the village Velika the traditions and the authentic Strandzha culture and related customs are preserved.

Ecologically clean nature, peace and quiet are the reasons why the village of Velika is attractive to many tourists.

Exotic vegetation and various animal and plant species can be found in the surroundings and in the village itself.

One of the biggest landmarks of the village Velika is the botanical garden of the Serafimovi family located at the foot of the Granichar ridge.

The place is the result of more than 20 years of work. The third generation of gardeners in it, take care of the plants with love and maintain the family tradition aimed at uniting relatives and creating an educational center for nature lovers.

On about 800 square meters, grow nearly 2,200 plants typical of subtropics and temperate latitudes. Among them are cacti and succulents, over 20 varieties of citrus varieties, different varieties of persimmon and figs, pomegranate, feijoa, sacred myrtle, coffee, banana, jujube.

The church in the village of Velika – “Holy Prophet Elijah”:

The local church is nearly 80 years old and was built by the villagers, who continue to maintain it to this day.

The bell tower of the Church “Holy Prophet Elijah” is a donation from the sculptor Evgeni Yonov.

The feast of the village of Velika and the temple feast are celebrated on August 2.