Rock massif “The Monastery” is located 3 km. west of the village Asparuhovo in Bulgaria.

Impressive with its shapes and relief, it rises to about 380 meters above sea level.

Remains of a medieval monastery have been found near the site. In connection with it is the name of the array.

In the area there is a climbing site “Monastery”, which is the work of the club “Wonderful Rocks” and projects supported by BFKA. Work on its development as a climbing site began in 2010. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, more than 20 climbing routes were equipped with funds from the Bulgarian Climbing and Mountaineering Federation.

The rocks are limestone, and the relief is varied, consisting of slabs, cracks, overhangs. They are south-facing and are suitable for climbing in spring and autumn and on warm winter days.

The easiest way to reach the rocks is by a marked path. It starts from the western part of a large meadow with a fountain, which can be reached by car. The transition to the massif is about 30 minutes.

There are several small caves in the rock massif and one that is bigger.

There is a small fountain near the massif. It is reached by a small forest path, which has beautiful trees and vegetation.

The area is suitable for hiking and mountain biking. The various mountain roads continue on the southern side of Tsonevo Reservoir, which is suitable for fishing, rowing, jumping from bridges. There are also places suitable for canyoning.

The rock phenomenon “Wonderful Rocks” is located in the area.