Reminiscent of a small sea among the impressive peaks – Sivria (2,591 m), Dzhano (2,668 m), Kralev Dvor (2,680 m), Momin Dvor (2,723 m) and Dzhengal (2,730 m), Popovo Lake is one of the most beautiful corners of National Park Pirin.

The lake attracts with its crystal waters and a coast covered with beautiful glades, wonderful rock formations and shrubs formations, the age of which in places exceeds 100 years.

It is located at the bottom of the largest circus in the Pirin Mountain – Popovski cirque, which is of impressive size (6 km long and 3 km wide).

Popovo Lake is the leader among the Pirin lakes – it is the largest in area (12.4 ha), the deepest (29.5 m in its southwestern part) and the widest among them (336 m).

The lake is situated at an altitude of 2,234 m. The shape of Popovo Lake looks like an irregular pentagon and features a small islet (35-30 m).

From the northeastern end of Popovo Lake flowing creeks, leading to the seven Fish Popovski Lakes. They are the origin of the river Retizhe, a right tributary of the Mesta.

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