Village Stoilovo is located in Strandzha Mountain, 9 km from the town of Malko Tarnovo. It is a typical Strandzha village, located on a prominent mountain ridge.

It is surrounded on the north by the Veleka River and on the south and east by the Mechi Dol River.

In the village Stoilovo are preserved many old houses that were built in the eighteenth – nineteenth century.


The church “St. Ilia” is located in the center of the village Stoilovo. It is known that it was rebuilt many times, and there is no information when it was originally built. A distinctive fact about her is that she had an original cruciform plan. Such a plan is not found anywhere else in the Strandzha region.

Icons by the Sozopol icon painter Socrates Georgiev are kept in the church.

The characteristic of the church is that here are the oldest altar doors in Strandzha, which date from the seventeenth century and have rare artistic qualities.

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