Jewelry designer Stanimira Greg and photographer Krassimir Marchev transform electrical switchboards of a small street in Burgas, located next to city Fire Station.

Тhe first electrical switchboard they draw – is with the heart with blooming roses, symbolizing the heart of home and kindness.

Followed by boards with cityscapes and a windmill.

The gutter also overflows with colored shapes:

The extremely fresh atmosphere is complemented by the garden in front of the residential building – it is full of fresh flowers and aromas.

The electrical switchboard next to the school “St. Knyaz Boris I” is also painted.

The left side of the building also blooms:

Stanimira Greg is a jewelry designer produces with recycled materials. So far, there are five thematic exhibitions.

Krassimir Marchev is a photographer and visual artist dedicated to art. He is also known as a director of art projects.

Portal to the magical world is the newest board they painted on the left side of the building.

Will look forward, to their next creations.

Don’t miss to watch the short video: