Tevno Lake is the largest and is one of the highest located Malokamenishki lakes in North Pirin.

It is located below the peaks Momin Dvor and Valyavishki Chukar.

The lake is sixth-highest in Pirin.

Tevno Lake is the eighth largest in Pirin. It’s area is 60 acres. The lake’s depth is about 4 meters.

Tevno lake

Tevno lake

The Lake at sunset in early September.

Tevno lake sunset

Tevno lake sunset

The Lake in the early morning at September.

Tevno lake in the early morning

The Mozgovishka River flows from this lake (10.5 kilometers long). It collects the waters of the other lakes from the Belemeto Circus, and then flows west, until it enters the Bashliytsa River.

Below Tevno Lake are a group of small lakes, not all of which have been explored.

The Triangle Lake is located just below Tevno at an altitude of 2453 m. Its area is 7 acres.

Park Pirin is one of the most interesting botanical sites in Bulgaria. There are about 1300 species of higher plants found on its territory, which represents more than 30% of all higher plants found on the territory of Bulgaria. In addition, more than 300 species of mosses and algae have been identified.

In the area around Tevno Lake:

In the area around the small lakes:

Water-crowfoot – Ranunculus aquatilis

Perennial herb of the Debelets family, a Bulgarian endemic species. It is included in the Red Data Book of Bulgaria and in the Biodiversity Act as a vulnerable species.

Plenty of herbs, mosses, lichens are located in the area.

On the eastern shore of the lake is located shelter Tevno Lake that is open year-round.

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