Park “Mineralni Bani” is located among the beautiful green area, near Burgas neighborhood Vetren.

It is a great place for a pleasant time around nature, for picnics, walks or sports activities.

In recent years, the park has been completely renovated: benches, wooden tables, barbecues, playgrounds for children and sports games have been built.

Especially for the little ones, there is an outdoor eco-classroom for outdoor activities.

There are several corners for celebrating children’s birthdays.

The newest Burgas Micro Brewery “Metalhead” is located on the territory of the park. Founded in 2019, it produces high quality kraft beer with the latest technology and high quality ingredients.

At Metalhead Taproom, the guests of Metalhead Brewery can enjoy the quality, taste and aroma of the products. So far, Metalhead has produced and offers ten types of beer, each with its own unique taste. It is specific that each of their products is named after a song by a famous metal band. Some of the names of their products are: “Space Lord”, “Sweet stout of mine”, “Metalingus”, “Your girlfriend’s girlfriend”, “Lickitup”, and the last one that was bottled a few days ago is called “Lady Lust”.

Find them on Facebook or better visit them on the spot – and the park and kraft beer are worth it!