Village Topolitsa (Burgas region) is located in southeastern Bulgaria, about 11 km west-northwest of the center of city Aytos.

It is located south of the Karamanitsa ridge at the foot of the southern branch of the Eastern Stara Planina. Above the village is the highest peak in the area – Ostritsa (666 m high).

The name of the village comes from the numerous poplars planted for decades.

Leaving the village, you come across an asphalt road located around a beautiful forest area. Heading up to the Karamanitsa ridge, you will reach a stone fountain.

There is following inscription on the fountain has:
“The master of all drinks in this and the hereafter life is water.”

Around the stone fountain in the village Topolitsa, there is a Picnic site, children’s swings and wooden tables with benches.

The shelter has been renovated and expanded in recent years.

See what it looks like in early summer this year:

There are beautiful eco trails in the area, which lead to dozens of huts and areas. The Byala Reka area is also nearby.

The Burgas-Sofia railway line passes through the village of Topolitsa.

The railway station of the village of Topolitsa: