Kozia Stena Reserve is the smallest reserve included in the Central Balkan National Park. It covers the northern slopes of the Bob and Colicon peaks and the rock phenomenon Kozia Stena.

The area is steep and difficult to access. Despite its small area (904.3 hectares), Kozia Stena has preserved the habitats of extremely beautiful and rare plants such as fairy tulip, Stara Planina violet, Stara Planina Lazarka, Edelweiss and many others. More than 60 species of birds can be observed, 6 species of which are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria – great hawk, little hawk, black woodpecker.

Kozia Stena Peak rises to 1670 m above sea level. and is located west of the Troyan Pass and is part of the popular tourist route Kom-Emine.

Kozia Stena hut is located in Sredna Stara Planina, Haiduk Cheshma area, in Troyan Mountain.

The hut is located at 1562 m above sea level, on the ridge.

The hut is a massive three-storey building.

The capacity is 92 seats. It is supplied with water, electrified by a solar system, and the heating is with solid fuel stoves.

It has a tourist kitchen and dining room. The friendly huts prepare delicious meals, aromatic tea and in the summer freshly picked elderberry juice.

The fabulous terrace of the “Kozia Stena” hut with freshly painted tables.

terrace of the Kozia Stena

terrace of the Kozia Stena

terrace of the Kozia Stena

terrace of the Kozia Stena

Apart from all the nice things that can be found at the Kozia Stena hut, it is also a cozy home for books. On its second floor is a library with adventure, spiritual, children’s and mountaineering literature.

If you decide to visit the hut, you can also bring a book and enrich its collection.