On the northern side of the medieval fortress Rusokastron, is located the cave “Russian hole”.

The enter of the karst cave is on the north, steep side of the hill. The cave length is 17 meters and its height is 4 meters.

According to archaeologists, there is evidence that this place was a sanctuary during the Thracian times. There are assumptions that there are stone steps below the cave. If these stairs are found, they will be able to prove that one of Europe’s earliest shrines, visited by the Thracians in the 5th century BC, was located here. The whole hill is supposed to be a huge Thracian sanctuary.

The folk tradition in the village has preserved old legends and songs about a dragon who lived in the cave near the fort. The dragon fell in love with the pretty Rusali girl and soon abducted her into his inaccessible cave. It has since been called the Russian Hole, and the entire rocky hill – the Russian Hill. According to the legend, the abducted girl did not stop crying and her tears ran down the rock and filled a small well, which is still considered sacred and healing.

From cave “Russian hole” opens a magnificent view of the vast plain.

The scenic path leading from the monastery church “St. George the Victorious” is extremely beautiful and covered with lush moss and vegetation.