Village Leshtak is located on the banks of the Arda River, at about 600 meters above sea level, within the Bulgarian municipality of Madan.

The old name of the village is Fundajak and it is still preserved in the folk memory.

The climate in the village is transitional-continental. The winter there is mild and long, and the summer is cool.

The permanent population of Leshtak is about 290 people.

The village has a community center, mosque board, shop and cafe.

The village of Leshtak is characterized by beautiful and colorful houses, many of which are newly built. Many of them are similar to large condominiums, but there are also preserved old houses, carefully perched on the mountain slopes.

Such Rhodope places, where the past and the future are intertwined, the beautiful natural view of the past era, combined with modern living conditions attracts many tourists and lovers of mountain sports.