On the highest part of a high hill, 3 km north of the village Rusokastro, is located the fortress Rusokastron.

On July 17, 1332, Rusokastro became the scene of a spectacular battle that ended with the victory of the Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Alexander over the Byzantine army, led by Emperor Andronicus. The fortress is one of the largest fortresses in Southeastern Bulgaria.

Excavations at the Rusokastron fortress began 13 years ago, but a very small part of the fort is still open.

They begin through the western fortress wall. Subsequently, the foundations of a medieval church were discovered and water supply facilities of the tower-well were explored.

By 2016, four towers had been discovered – two early Byzantine and two medieval.

In 2017, excavations focused on the citadel – the south wall and stone building with masonry stone pillars were uncovered. The wall thickness is 2.5 m.

In the past three years, a hitherto unknown fortification system, three gates, a large part of the citadel or the castle castle have been discovered. The towers reach 4.20 meters.

Numerous finds of silver, gold, copper coins, a rich collection of arrows, shovels, picks were found. New discoveries are forthcoming in the coming years.

In the fortress was the monastery of St. George, whose creation dates back to the V-VI c.

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