Nikolay Dimitrov and Daniel Dubarov in 2017, masterfully painted the facades of two public places in the Yambol village of Kabile, Tundzha municipality. The attractive works of SuperGTeam bring a lot of mood and color in the daily life of the locals people and guests of the village.

The SuperGTeam project recreates the beauty and magnetic power of Bulgarian folklore. Mummer’s masks and folk embroideries, typical for this region, are present.

The project is part of the concept of promoting mummery traditions and the Masquerade Festival Kukerlandia. The festival is one of the most important events in the cultural calendar of Bulgaria and is a specific and attractive cultural event with potential for the development of festival tourism in the region.

Chanove – a traditional Bulgarian bell, which is attached to the waist with colorful belts embroidered with beads and leather.

SuperGTeam – some of their previous projects:

Mural depicting the unique biodiversity of Atanasovsko Lake

Graffiti with goddess Eos at Burgas Saltworks

Painted as a seabed bunker – Street art in Burgas 28