The pedestrian underpass on Boulevard “Democracia” in Burgas, leading to the vocational high schools PGSAG “Kolyo Ficheto”, PGMEE and PGT “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov ”and the profiled high school for foreign languages ​​PGCHE“ Vasil Levski” has been completely transformed after the intervention of ME Click and Autline – Todor Raveo Stoyanov(Raveo), Dimo ​​Shehlarski (Dilomski) and Vankata Yankov – Esteo Esteroni.

The transition to high school is often difficult for teenagers. Entering a whole new environment, they are filled with uncertainty, anxiety and doubt. Over time, they gain more and more security and personal strength, developing their awareness and intelligence, ending up stable and full of confidence, like “old wolves”.

It is the idea for this transformation that was visually presented by Burgas artists, on the idea of ​​Arch. Emil Burulyanov, with the support of the of Burgas Municipality.