Graffiti in Burgas city created before 2020 year:

“The little Prince”

Project by Stanislav Trifonov – NASIMO and Ivan Yankov – Esteo in Burgas.

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L·E·A·F· in Burgas – Link Environment & Art on Field –

Project by 140 ideas
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Painted as a seabed bunker

By SuperGTeam
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Mural “Endangered species”

by 140 IDEAS

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Graffiti near school “Bratia Miladinovi”

By SuperGTeam

Marine-themed bunker located near Burgas saltworks:

Graffiti at Burgas central beach created at 2012 , during the “Turn on the City” Festival

From Dilom, Oskar and Raveo.
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Graffiti at Electrical substation in kompleks “Vazrazhdane”

From Oscar and Raveo
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Street art from 2010 in Sports playground in kompleks “Vazrazhdane”

Artists: Nasimo, Esteo, Dilom, Raveo
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Graffiti from Raveo and Dilom – at kompleks “Meden Rudnik”

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Graffiti at small electrical substation in compleks “Slaveikov”

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Subways of the neighborhood Slaveikov

Graffiti from Esteo, Me Click, PTC CMS, 2 BC and from other artists.
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At the beginning of the bike lane towards Saltworks

At Burgas coastline area

Graffiti from ME Click, FSB, Krib, MED and more artists
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Graffiti at compleks Bratia Miladinovi, bl. 3

Graffiti Doggy Smile by Esteo and Dilom

Gnomes graffiti

Graffiti created by Esteo, Dilom and Rock

More graffiti at kompleks Bratia Miladinovi, bl.3

At the entrance of an underground parking at kompleks Bratia Miladinovi

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Graffiti at Yantra Street

By Esteo and Dilom

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At small Housing Co-operatives in compleks “Bratia Miladinovi”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

At compleks “Vazrazdane”

Darth Vader and Emperor Graffiti

At compleks “Bratia Miladinovi”

At Bataka area

On the shore of Mandrensko Lake, on the land of the village Tvarditsa
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