Spano Pole Shelter is located in the northern part of Pirin Mountain.

It is located at an altitude of 2055 meters below the southwestern slopes of peak Bashliyski Chukar.

The shelter consists of: 10 bungalows with 2 beds, main building with a total capacity of 25 beds: 4 triple rooms and a common sleeping room with 13 beds.

Bungalows, with characteristic red roofs with white dots called “Pirin Fungi”. The shelter is electrified and water-supplied.

There is a cozy tourist dining room with a kitchen in which warm food is prepared.

There is also an outdoor summer dining room.

Bathrooms are external.

Sunset from Spano pole:

Spano Field is the intersection of many hiking trails and is a very convenient intermediate point for long hikes.

Contacts Spano Field Shelter:

0896688407, 0896688408, 0882966464, е-mail: