Polezhan is the highest granite peak in the Pirin Mountains. It ranks fourth in height after the marble giants Vihren, Kutelo and Banski Suhodol.

It is 2850.4 m high.

Apart from Polezhan, the peak is also called Mangar Tepe, which comes from the Turkish word mangar, which means coin. This is because the top is covered with split granite blocks, which, like coins, sway and rattle, making a specific noise when one moves on them. This noise resembles the sound of old Turkish honey coins.

It was renamed Polezhan in 1942.

Enthusiastic mountaineers have built a shelter of stones at the top, which in severe conditions can be life-saving.

Around Polezhan are the two highest lakes in Pirin – Gornoto Polezhansko 2710 m, which is the highest in Bulgaria, and Gorno Gazeysko, which is second in Pirin – 2642 m.

Gornoto Polezhansko Lake:

Gorno Gazeysko Lake:

The nearest hut is Bezbog about 2 hours away.