In July in Burgas Sea Garden, an ecological art installation “Embraced Nature” was created, organized by 17-year-old Bozhana Slavkova.

Twenty trees in the Sea Garden “were clad” in old clothes. The idea of ​​the initiative is to pay attention to the serious environmental and social problem of “fast fashion”.

The initiative finds great support and people from all over Bulgaria send materials – unnecessary clothes in bright colors, knitted vests, sweaters, blankets, old fabrics, yarns and ready-made knitwear.

The knits made from them carry ecological and social messages.

“Love nature”, “Thank the trees”, “Fast fashion is ruining”.

There were signs next to the art installation to read what “fast fashion”, why trees in our cities are vital.

Friends and volunteers are involved in the initiative. Among them are readers of the Burgas Chitalishte (Prosveta 1927, Lyuben Karavelov Community Center, Paisii Hilendarski Community Center), the Tangled Miracles Club at the Assen Zlatarov Community Center and the students from NUMSI.

The colorful art installation could be viewed for about a month.