Golyam Kademlia Peak is the highest peak in the Triglav massif in the Balkan Mountains and the second highest peak in the Balkans! It is 2275.4 meters high and is like a “barometer” for those living in the Kazanlak field – when the fog envelops the peak, local people know that it is going to rain.

At the top of Golyam Kademlia Peak there are buildings of a former military base and there is a well-maintained tourist shelter.

The shelter Golyam Kademlia is the highest in the Balkan Mountains.

Inside there are benches, solid dining table, kitchen utensils, first aid kit, wood stove.

The shelter has the capacity to accommodate 8-10 people.

The Golyam Kademlia shelter is the result of more than 4 years of work of TD “Sarnena Gora” and its members. In 2010, the shelter was officially opened, despite the cold and snowfall at that time.

Plants that you will find in the summer on the way to the top.

A rainbow – formed on the top in the early morning.

Sunrise observed from the top,

See the timelapse from the top, including sunset and sunrise in July.