Village Ravnil is located in Southern Bulgaria, Municipality Madan.

The territory is located between 700 and 990 meters above sea level, in the southeastern part of the Western Rhodopes.

The territory of the village amounts to 4,101 square kilometers.

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село Равнил

The village falls in the continental-Mediterranean climate area.

The main activities of the inhabitants of the village of Ravnil are Potato production and animal husbandry. The village grows 100% ecologically clean agricultural products.

Livestock is a traditional industry. Dairy cows are raised, as well as sheep, goats, chickens and other animals.

The vegetable production in the village of Ravnil is characterized by the cultivation of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes.

2.5 km from the village of Ravnil flows the river Arda and passes the main road Smolyan-Kardzhali.

The population of the village professes Islam. The traditional women’s clothing is a fur coat, and the traditional foods are patatnik and kachamak.

There is a school in the village of Ravnil, which was built in 1941 by all the inhabitants of the village of Ravnil. Children studied here until the 4th grade. The school was mixed – the first floor housed the kindergarten, and the second floor taught students from first to fourth grade. The school is currently closed.
There is a playground in front of the school.

On the way to the village there are several places for rest and relaxation.