At the foot of Strandzha Mountain, along the Dyavolska River, only 10 kilometers from the Black Sea, is the Bulgarian village Yasna Polyana.

It is surrounded by centuries-old forests, called by the locals – longuzi.

Alan Kayryak is the old name of the village, which means a place of sunshine.

The Ropotamo River passes through the northern end of the village of Yasna Polyana.

In the 1970s, about 5 km from the village, the Yasna Polyana Dam was built, which provides drinking water on the southern Black Sea coast. It is the second largest dam in the Burgas region.

An international symposium on sculpture, woodcarving and wrestling has been held in the village for more than 30 years.

At that time the village became a real arena for creative expression of artists.

Over 60 unique works created during the annual symposium.

Impressive sculptures made only of Strandzha oak can be seen throughout the village.

There is a museum in the village, one part of which is dedicated to Leo Tolstoy and his followers – the Tolstoyists.

The other ethnographic and historical part of the meze is the old wooden plows, the looms and the huge jars.

The town hall of the village:

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The village of Yasna Polyana has a church, a kindergarten and a health service.

Eastern Orthodox Church

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The great pride of the village is the colony of storks. About 20 families of birds have lived in this place for years.

The master Kuncho Kunchev from Yambol region has created a wonderful stork from a tree, which is currently “landed” in the central garden of the village.